Zen Priest, Daigaku Rumme, disusses Zen and the Zazen practice. from Kevin Mullin on Vimeo.

via Integral Options Cafe - also via WH:

Chogyam Trungpa: Meditation practices have nothing to do with the value of the techniques as such, but are based on simplicity as a whole. They (students) shouldn't regard the technique as magical power at all. I should warn everybody that meditation has no magical power as such, but everybody has to work on themselves. Having used the technique diligently, from that point, people begin to develop. There is simplicity in the technique; they don't have to strive for it. The technique becomes part of themselves, (the) same as drinking a cup of tea, that becomes very close to it. So the technique should be referred to as part of the daily life situation, rather than medicine or a sedative as such.