Quizmaster: Ha ha ha ... ha ha ha. Good evening, Madam! And your name is? Mrs. Scum: Yes, yes. Quizmaster: Ha ha ha! And what's your name? Mrs. Scum: I go to church regularly. Quizmaster: Jolly good, I see. And which prize do you have particular eyes on this evening? Mrs. Scum: Oh, I'd like the blow on the head. Quizmaster: The blow – on the head! Mrs. Scum: Yes, just there. Quizmaster: Jolly good! Well, your first question for the blow the head this evening is: What great opponent of cartesian dualism resists the reduction of psychological phenomena to physical states? Mrs. Scum: I don't know that! Quizmaster: Well have a guess. Mrs. Scum: Oh... er... Henri Bergson? Quizmaster: ...is the correct answer! Mrs. Scum: Oh, lucky, I never even heard of him.